To download the Tour Operator Search Plugin, follow the steps below.

You can also download and install the extension directly from the backend of your website:

  • Login to the backend of your website.
  • Navigate to the “Plugins” dashboard item.
  • Select “Add New” when on the plugins page.
  • Search for “Tour Operator Search”.
  • Download and activate the plugin.


  • Navigate to the back-end of yWordPressress website.
  • Hover over the “Plugins” item on your Dashboard.
  • Select the “Add New” sub-item from the drop down menu.
  • Select the “Upload Plugin” option and choose the “TO Search” extension file you recently downloaded from your computer files.
  • Select “Install Now”.
  • Once the plugin is installed, select “Activate Plugin”.

Using LSX Search

In order to make use of the LSX Search plugin, you will require the following plugins to be activated –

  1. Search WP
  2. FacetWP

These two plugins work together to provide you with all of the search functionality the Tour Operator Search plugin uses to provide search results.

Configuring your Search Settings

Once the specials extension is activated, the “specials” post type section will automatically be added to your Tour Operator Plugin Options.

  • Navigate to your WordPress Dashboard
  • Hover over the “Tour Operators” menu item and select the “Settings” option
  • On the main General tab, select the “Search” subtab.
  • Here you can configure your TO search extension settings from the following available options:

Post Types – Here you set which post types you want the general search to filter. If a post type is not selected it will not be indexed in the search results.

The next settings options is per post type. The first “Display” tab holds the search settings for the main search archive.

Enable Search – This adds the facet shortcodes to the search results template.

Enable Post Type Label – This enables the post type label from entries on search results page.

Enable Continent Filter – This enables the continent filter in FacetWP destinations filter.

Columns Layout – Choose your layout between grid/list layout.

Per Page – Disable Per Page

Sorting – Sort your search results with filters or disable them:

  1. Disable Sorting
  2. Disable Title (A-Z)
  3. Disable Date
  4. Disable Price

Display Result Count – Check to display the results count for the search results.

Alphabetical Facet – Check to display the facets in alphabetical order.

Facets – Select your previously added Facets using the FacetWP plugin. They will display in a sidebar in your search results.

The same settings exist per post type. This adds facets and a search bar to the post type archive and taxonomy templates.