The Destinations post type allows you to have a page per location, assign sub-locations (like cities beneath countries, or suburbs beneath cities), galleries for each location, integrated Google Maps with markers as well as connected team experts per location.

Demo Pages

Destinations Archive

Display all your locations, option to grouped by continent, clickable interactive map.

Single Destinations

Showcase each destination with vital traveler info, galleries, connected tours and content

Core Features

Interactive Maps

Destinations archive with interactive map markers. You can also display maps in the banners or with in the page content for each destination

Add travel information per location

Display important travel information about currency, banking, climate, transport and local cuisine

Display the best months to visit

Set the best months to travel to each of your locations

Display regions with in Countries

Connect regional locations to each destination

Group destinations by continent

Easily group your destinations by continent

Connect your tours related to destinations

Short 3 lines of text explaining the feature. Its awesome because xyz, and you can use it easily!

Connect your client reviews

increase trust in your brand and services by proudly displaying your customer feedback

Connect your blog content

Interlink your blog content related to each destination or region.

Connect destinations to special offers

Running a special? display this on the related destination pages

Connect travel styles and activities

Travel styles can be shared between tours and destinations, and you can link activities per location

Download LSX Theme and Tour Operator Plugin

IMPORTANT: The Tour Operator Plugin will only work with the free LSX Theme. Please make sure you download and install LSX theme before installing Tour Operator

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