LightSpeed Development has released our LSX Importer for Wetu on

The LSX Importer for Wetu works with the Tour Operators plugin and the LSX Theme, to import tours, destinations and accommodations to your WordPress website.


Who are Wetu? offers tour operators the ability to load day by day tour itineraries, with linked destinations and accommodations to their profile on  The Wetu Importer removes the hassle of having to duplicate this content on your website, by importing the content, with associated images and meta data.

Please contact Wetu to enquire about creating your Wetu account and profile if you are not already signed up with them.




Plugin Enhancements

The plugin has been in active development for several years and is used on several websites that we’ve created for tour operators, mainly in the Southern African region, but also for several international clients.

Although the plugin has been in development for several years, this is the first time it is available on In order for us to deem it suitable for release, we made the following recent enhancements.

The Wetu API was recently upgraded which added new fields, including a field for Tags, which are mapped to Travel Styles in our Tour Operators Plugin. Additionally the updated request is to wp_remote_get, for added security.

Since the plugin is several years old we took advantage of the overhaul to audit coding standards and bring them inline with current industry best practice.

Another very important change was the admin dashboard for the Importer. The welcome screen was updated with a cleaner user interface with better instructions on how to import your tours, destinations and accommodations.

The settings tab has been moved to the Importer dashboard for a more intuitive user experience. Furthermore we updated the styling in the Importer dashboard to match default WordPress admin dashboard styles. Again this was to enhance the user experience.

See How It Looks

Here are several sites built by LightSpeed that are using the LSX Importer for Wetu:

Contact LightSpeed to build your Tour Operator website.