The Company

Elementz Travel are a Tour Operator based in Hong Kong and servicing the Hong Kong market, with a focus on providing travel “experiences”. ElementZ Travel was born out of its founder’s, Sandor Weyers, love for nature and wildlife and his deep interest in conservation.

The Challenge

Elementz Travel needed a website that clearly and beautifully represented their tour packages, as well as comprehensive information on the accommodations and destinations that they cover.

The Solution

We achieved almost everything we needed to using the LSX Tour Operators plugin. Thanks to the custom post types it provides, such as Travel Styles, Destination, Accommodation, Tours, Team Members and Reviews, LSX Tour Operators was a perfect fit for a company like Elementz Travel.

Especially useful was the accommodation module of LSX Tour Operators, which enabled us to feature facets of an accommodation, such as its star rating, what type of hotel it is (i.e. boutique, B&B etc), languages spoken, the number of rooms available, special interests at the location and more.

As usual, we made use of Caldera Forms for all the forms on the site.

We also conducted SEO research for Elementz to ensure that the content on the site was not only relevant to the industry they were targeting, but also communicated their message using search-optimized keywords that were possible tank highly for.

Their new website does what it needs to – it presents the destinations that Elementz travel to and the experiences they provide front and centre, with trust factors alongside in the form of reviews and Experts per tour, destination & accommodation.

The Result