The Company

The Giltedge Group specialises in holidays and safaris to Southern and East Africa. The company’s portfolio includes:

This allows Giltedge to reach a number of different travellers in their suited styles. Including FITs (free independent travellers) and group travel, outbound corporate and leisure travel, incentive travel (both inbound and outbound), and golf travel.

Each team member is an expert in their department, putting all their knowledge and experience into the specific needs of their clients.

The Challenge

Giltedge required a user-friendly website design that suited the requirements of each of the businesses branches. The theme needed to mix great presentation and easy accessibility to both the user and the team members updating the content.

The Giltedge Group already had a main site which fitted their requirements but did not have the functionality offered by a WordPress powered site. This created our first challenge – replicate the current website on WordPress while maintaining the design.

The next challenge was replicating the site we create for the other Giltedge branches and integrating the sites with the content, plugins and styles these sites require.

Some of the sites were larger than the others. The main site we started with was only a single static page. The new sites we were building had multiple pages each requiring additional styling.

The Solution

We began work on the new websites. Firstly, we created Giltedge DMC. From here on we were able to simply create duplicates of the site and configure the plugins, amending the copy and colours as necessary. This helped to keep development costs lower for the other sites.

We built a custom theme using Sage and used this across all the sites. Each of these “child” sites has a distinct colour which runs above the main navigation menu, keeping a consistent style across all sites.

LSX Banners

All of the sites make use of the LSX Banners plugin. This gave Giltedge the effect they were looking for: each site header displays a unique set of banner images which rotate when the page is refreshed..

Soliloquy Slider

Giltedge wanted a different feel for the Ocean Islands site. This gave us an opportunity to make use of the Soliloquy slider integration we built into the LSX Banners plugin. This allowed us to add full-width hero banners in a clean slider format. This worked so well it was then adopted on the Giltedge main website.

We completed the build of five new websites for the Giltedge group that all follow the style set out in the parent site, After this, we replicated the main site onto a WordPress server.

The sites are fully responsive, have a clean, minimal design and due to the lightweight theme we built with Sage it has quick load times which is a benefit for SEO and user experience.

The Result


Giltedge DMC (destination management)

Giltedge Incentives

Giltedge International

Giltedge Golf and Safari

Giltedge Ocean Islands

Giltedge Khula