Wetu builds systems and tools to improve the buying experience of the traditional Online Tour Operator. This is done by getting rich content into the sale.

The Future of the Tourism Industry is Online

The internet has had a huge influence on the tourism industry, changing the way travelers research, select and purchase their holidays. Creating both threats and opportunities, new online techniques alter the game and traditional industries battles to adapt – Wetu is keeping OTA’s ahead of the game.

Wetu’s cutting edge technology has been designed and built for the tourism industry and can be easily integrated into various aspects of travel businesses, allowing them to compete more effectively online.

Content into the sale and the site

Content plays a critical role in travel decisions – modern shoppers want to research and verify prior to purchasing. Traditional industry channels do not provide sufficient, contemporary content to enable decision-making and so the purchasers are forced onto competing platforms.

The Wetu tools enable product content to flow through the tourism industry channels into the sale, empowering the purchaser and the industry.

Our Wetu importer takes this a step further and helps you to easily move over content from the Wetu system into a fully functioning WordPress website.

Wetu’s interactive tools and content provide the necessary depth and engagement to hold a potential client’s attention, improving the chance of an enquiry or booking.

Changing the Content Model

DMCs, Tour Operators and Travel Agents have been responsible for managing the content for each and every lodge they sell. This is an impossible task when making use of 100s or 1000s Suppliers. The result is that they manage limited content and are unable to take advantage of the inspiring visual content when selling.

Wetu has developed a system that makes the Supplier to manage their content and allows the Trade to access this content quickly and simply. It is no longer required to manage content as it can be accessed from Wetu at no cost.

Wetu has an amazing itinerary builder, a leaf we’ve taken out of their book when creating our LSX Tour Operator plugin. It allows wetu users to build an itinerary and define the day-by-day flow of the trip and enables users to define connections between destinations and accommodations.

Why we Built the importer

With Wetu, your tourism business, or accommodation is given an “iBrochure” that displays all the information provided to Wetu . That data can be easily imported to WP for a quick and slick site build, making it an extremely cost and time efficient solution.

We built the solution for Southern Destinations to allow them to import accommodation listings. We didn’t do any tour imports for them.

For the first iteration we used WooCommerce and created a version of the product importer (CSV product importer) which we connected to Wetu, from where we downloaded the accommodation data as a CSV, then used product importer to import the “products” which were used as the accommodation listings. We realised then that the client needed an interface to first see what accommodation was available on Wetu. They needed to then go through those many thousands of listings and choose only the ones relevant to their business.

What we achieved through doing this is learning about tour operators needs (this was late 2012). Since then we’ve worked on revising our product and our latest iterations of the Wetu Importer and LSX Tour Operators are the perfect pair for your tourism web project.